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Vouch in Brief

Some Salient Features

New Vouch32.lib v4.0 Released  .  06 Feb 2005


Vouch32.lib v3.5 Released  .  07 Sep 2003

VOUCH is a comprehensive business solution package covering almost all the components of business and industry, viz., Accounting, Orders, Invoicing, Inventory, Production, Payroll, Shares Accounting and all other associated aspects, e.g., Dak Management, Internal Mailing System, Repairs and Replacements, Address and Phone Book, Calendar, Backup and Restore Management, etc.   
New VOUCH iNet . Now Vouch lets to connect to your dealing parties, viz., customers, vendors, personnels, etc., in a unique way through the internet. You can send Reports, Data, Documents to your clients which will be opened at the client's end as these were sent. Only Vouch iNet Client needs to be installed there. All transfers are made effective through a secured ftp server and proprietary encryption protocol established mutually between you and your client. Please visit http://www.vouch.ws for elaborated details.  
VOUCH has a unique capability of running under DOS and Windows environments concurrently accessing the same database. This feature is of immense importance due to the fact that time tested speed and validation protocol of DOS can be implemented along with multithreading capabilities of Windows.    
VOUCH offers on-line data encryption protocol. There is no file name and there is no field name, all numbers. The encryption protocol varies with each license thus rendering one's data useless for another Vouch user.  
VOUCH is capable of communicating with Microsoft Office components using the live data of Vouch. Any browser of Vouch can be submitted to Excel with a touch of a key. The fields you are viewing in Vouch browser and in the order these are being viewed will appear in Excel sheet, and this can be achieved with a touch of a key. MSWord can be invoked and data can be submitted to it via Vouch. A useful command interface is provided in Vouch to exploit MSWord. Vouch is capable of firing methods and properties of Microsoft Access.  
VOUCH can communicate with internet. Mail can be sent directly from Vouch. The implementation is a treat to watch. User is capable of emailing Vouch browser to a predefined destination. If internet connection is on, the process is instant, otherwise, mail is posted in the outbox of default email client, i.e., Outlook Express.  
VOUCH has the power to generate any type of graph a user can expect, e.g., Bar, Line, Pie, Radar, Scatter, Financial, and many more. 2D and 3D views are supported. Zooming, rotation, scaling, axis swapping, legends control, etc. can be performed on active graphs. Printing with print preview is a treat to watch.  
VOUCH incorporates the necessary functionality of further development. User can design and link modules with rest of the predefined modules of Vouch. Screen Designer allows fairly nice features. Menu Designer is excellent in the sense that every user can have his menu of choice. Updation rules can be redefined.  
VOUCH has a complete set of Functions and Commands which can be used with Vouch Program Editor and/or macro parser at any level of configuration. Programs thus written can also be executed stand alone from within Vouch. Of course, these programs are to use Clipper or xBase++ syntax with Vouch Programming Protocol.   
VOUCH allows to configure its modules with extreme flexibility and ease right from its appearance and look to field level expressions. Changing business rules can be synchronized with Vouch.  

Both versions of Vouch, Console and Windows,  can execute above features 


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